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Marcher dans le Sable

Upcycled Military Suit

Upcycled Military Suit

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Description during interview :

- Real Cotton Jumpsuit.
- Khaki army jumpsuit.
- 100% Cotton Wax fabric sewn onto the suit.
- Jacron Logo Faux Leather made in France.
- Golden lurex pompom.


4 pockets, elastic waist, zip closure.
Military size 180 C.

Complete measurements :
Waist measurement: 115cm max.
Chest circumference: 115cm max.
Bust length: 48cm.
Leg length 105 max.
Inseam: 32cm.
Sleeve length: 62cm.
Shoulders: 54cm.

Each model is antiqued. Washed. Ironed. Upcycled.
The goal is to recycle “make something new out of old” to avoid overproduction and consume fashion in a circular way.

Some models may have signs of wear, holes or stains.
They have already lived, but they deserve you to give them a second chance!

Maintenance :
Machine wash inside out at 30°C.

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